Ingredient Lists

All of our dishes have full ingredient lists that can be found in the dish details on the App.

If you have a dietary restriction or food allergy, you should always review the ingredient list, especially as ingredients are subject to change and reformulations by the ingredient manufacturers. Read more about our Food Allergies and Intolerance Handling Procedures here.

Dietary Labelling

We have a comprehensive menu with offerings for vegans, vegetarians, and individuals looking for halal-friendly options. These are indicated by identifiers on:

  1. Physical Meal Pod

  2. Menu

  3. Dish Details

We also serve many dishes that exclude gluten (no-gluten-ingredients), or exclude dairy (dairy-free). You can find these meal tags in the dish details.

Finally, priority allergens and intolerances are also listed on the physical meal pod and in the dish details.

Labelling on your individual menu is further customized based on your allergies, intolerances, and ingredient preferences, as specified when you set up your dietary preferences. To view or update your preferences, go to your Account Settings and click on Update Dietary Preferences, or click here

Please note that we can only provide information that our manufacturers share with us. Some ingredients such as ‘flavours’, ‘herbs’, ‘spices’ are permitted to be listed without declaring their ingredients or components according to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.


I have a serious food allergy, intolerance, or dietary restriction. Can I use KitchenMate?

Many customers with dietary restrictions refer to our ingredient lists and labelling to make decisions around what to eat. However, after considering the information above, and depending on the severity and nature of your food allergy, intolerance, or dietary restriction, it may not be advisable to use KitchenMate and consume our meals.

If you have specific questions about our meals, contact us or book a session with our Registered Dietitian, Pooja. Click here to schedule a meeting.

Can KitchenMate accommodate diets for medical conditions?

We currently do not offer meals suited for any specific medical or therapeutic diets (ex. diabetic, hypertension, heart-healthy, anti-reflux); however we offer a range of meals with ingredients and nutritional content to suit a variety of customer needs.

Meals from our Thrive menu are based on healthy eating patterns from Canada's Food Guide and Mediterranean and DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) diet principles for prevention of cardiovascular disease, increasing lifespan, improved mental health, and healthy ageing. These meals are calorie and sodium-controlled, balanced meals with a focus on fibre.

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