Starting Sept 7, 2021, KitchenMate is piloting a new way to serve the UHN Bickle Centre with a more convenient food experience featuring:


Grab N' Go


Hot Meals

Parfaits, sandwiches & salads

that are ready to eat

Freshly cook a hot meal

using KitchenMate Smart Cookers

Q. How does it work?

All you need is a KitchenMate account! Simply download the App from the Apple App Store or Google Play, fill out your customized dietary preferences and set up a secure method of payment (credit or debit) in the App (learn more).

Once you’re set-up, it's simple:

  1. Unlock the Smart Fridge by scanning the QR code on the fridge door

  2. Grab as many items as you want (hot meals or grab n’ go)

    • Grab N’ Go: that's it, bon appétit!

    • Hot meals: insert into the Smart Cooker and press Start from your app

We'll email you a receipt within one business day and charge your KitchenMate account automatically. You can always verify charges in your order history once they’ve been processed.

Q. How does the Smart Fridge know what's been taken?

Our checkout-free experience is made possible by the same types of technologies used in self-driving cars: computer vision, sensor fusion, and deep learning. Sensors automatically detect which products are taken from or returned to the shelves and keeps track of them virtually. It’s the first of its kind in the country and is designed to make your experience even more convenient.

Q. When is my KitchenMate account charged for the items?

Your KitchenMate account will be charged for all items removed from the Smart Fridge within one business day. When the charge has been made to your account, you'll receive an email receipt. Any vouchers or points you may be eligible to redeem will be automatically taken care of as well!

To see the details of your transaction in the App, simply visit your Account Settings. If you have any questions, you can always reach out to our customer service team.

Q. What happens if I take an item and change my mind? Can I return it without being charged?

While the Smart Fridge door is open, feel free to pick any items and change your mind. Simply put the item back on the shelf where you found it. Once you close the door, the system will automatically update your account accordingly!

Q. What if I have questions about my transaction?

Our customer service team is just a call or text away!

  • Chat with us: Press the ? in the bottom corner of the App

  • Email us: [email protected]

  • Text or Call Us: 647-725-2278

Q. How do I share my feedback?

Drop us a line at [email protected] or in our in-App chat. We’d love to hear your candid feedback on the food, the experience and any ideas you may have.

🎁 You’ll earn 2000 Reward Points for your feedback!

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