Water tanks are now water-less!

To further simplify the Smart Cooker experience and any ongoing maintenance, water tanks no longer need to be topped up with water, ever.

Through an innovative R&D collaboration between our expert chefs and engineers, we’ve been able to replace steam injection to the Smart Meal-Pod, with the ability to create steam and more intense flavors using the natural moisture content of our whole, fresh ingredients in each Smart Meal-Pod.

Rest assured that the quality of the food and core convection-steam cooking technology remains the same...we just found a Smarter way to do it.

More precise cooking algorithms that get better over time

The Smart Cookers are internet-connected and we’ve been monitoring the cooking process for thousands of meals across all Smart Cookers in the field.

Our culinary and engineering teams have developed updated software algorithms for every dish to allow more precise cooking to minimize browning at the bottom of the tray, provide more consistent cook times while maintaining a high level of food safety.

These algorithms are being rolled out in the coming weeks and will be continually updated in the background as we receive more customer reviews and feedback.

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