All meals in your KitchenMate fridge are "Pay as you go" through the mobile app! That means unlike other services, you don't have to order ahead of time because it's not always easy to know what you want to eat in advance. 

We want to take the heavy lifting out of figuring out what to eat and ensure, no matter what your mood, there’s always something for you in the fridge. 

1.) To order a meal all you need to do is grab a sealed Meal-Pod from the fridge and pop it into the Smart Cooker with the barcode facing you. 

2.) Next, click Get Cookin' on the KitchenMate app!
Once the Meal-Pod has been scanned you will see a "Start" button.

3.) Press Start and the internet-connected Smart Cooker will download the cooking instructions and perfectly cook your meal.

4.) The app will also process your payment through your credit card. 

To add your credit card

Head to your account settings ≡ and enter your preferred payment details You'll only need to set this up once. 

Find your detailed Order History and update Dietary Preferences on the same page.

Bon Appetit!  

Once the Meal-Pod has been scanned you will see a "Start" button. 

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